Boss level NPCs

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Boss level NPCs

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Brae Rift:

Ilymia 'Her Imperial Prestige' Eshtin
Female, Empircal Brae
Ilymia is the Empress of the the Rift Empire, she organized the First Infantry of the Rift Empire's Benign Reconnaissance and Tactics Division to scout out possible threats to her people, namely those of a species currently unknown to the people of Xerakhan, from their description this species is believed to be an insecticide similar to the Myrmidon, but expressing traits of skinwalkers or morphoplasms, possible being a hybrid. Wields a great double trident

Dongji Tai:

Caterina Prower
Female, Arctic Kitsune Kemonomimi, Deva Samsara
Caterina has is typically a calm, mellow, and friendly person, remaining calm and collected when provoked, but such actions will not go unpunished, if one manages to get her to lose her cool, they aren't likely to live long enough to tell about it. In battle she is cold and calculating, sometimes even spiteful and sadistic. outfit. She wields Babel. fighting style. Caterina is the Grand High Duchess of the Aztlan Municipality, and the Duchess of the Leere District.


Elsworth Ashcroft
Male, High Elf, Manusya Samsari
Elsworth is the emperor of the Samsari nation of Elysium, growing up as a scholar has made him a bit of an Idealist, but a subsequent lifetime of war has taught him first to make sure his people have what they need, then worry about what they want. He has lightly tanned skin; short, golden brown hair, falling just past his ears; light, golden brown eyes; long, pointed ears; a lean build, and a bit on the tall side; and a slim, yet strong physique. He wears a brilliant white suit comprised of a button down shirt, a pair of slacks, a military style jacket, and a long, flowing cape. Elsworth wields a wooden Dueling cane for basic self defense, crystal daggers for assassinations and one-on-one combat, and a guillotine blade for war. In basic self defense he prefers to play on the defensive, waiting for a chance to render his opponent unconscious, in assassination and one-on-one combat he typically tries to end the fight asap by going for vital points, on the battlefield he charges large groups of opponents, taking of limbs and heads with each swing, and occasionally cleaving an opponent in two.

Victoria "Vic" Ashcroft
Female, Neko Kemonomimi, Manusya Samsari
Vic has been described as equal parts: street urchin, noblewoman, war hardened assassin, and cat; she is slow to trust people, and acts almost purely on instinct, her skepticism borders on paranoia, and she is just fine with that. She has fair skin; dark brown, almost black, eyes; short black hair, falling just shy of her shoulders; furry, perky, black ears; a short, furry, black tail; A small frame, being both thin and short, giving her a scrawny appearance; and a slender build that packs more strength that her appearance would suggest. She wears a black suit comprised of a button down shirt, slacks, and a long, flowing cape made of ribbons; she also wears a small terrena stud in her right ear. Vic wields a pair of crystal daggers, though has been known to wield a guillotine blade on occasion. She relies more on speed than strength, but still packs quite a punch, and often mixes majjyck with might.


Gilgamesh, The Exiled King
Male, Bjarg Dwarf
A Paladin Berserker and Exiled King, Gilgamesh once sought peace between Elves and Dwarves, when his plans were brought to light, he was exiled alongside his chief advisor, Sargon; his personal guard, Haburami; and his Elven envoy, Asherbanipal. Wields a kite shield and a bastard sword

Tracyn Kortebii
A flame spirit of unknown origins, the locals have taken to calling it 'Jair'. It is not known to be violent unless provoked, but is a public menace as it screams all the time.

Little Ruby Red
Male, Mirsh Human, Esper Nephilim
Red is sweet and innocent at first glance, with a hint of apathy if you pay more attention, but get to know him and you'll find a sadistic streak a mile wide. He has fair skin, that faintly glows in the dark; light blue eyes that reflect blood red in the dark; black hair cut in a boyish, almost bowl cut, style; a small stature, being both short and slim; and a lean build, giving him an almost scrawny appearance. He wears kodona style outfit: overall style shorts similar to black lederhosen; over a white, long sleeved button down shirt with lacy trim around the cuffs and collar; with knee high socks; shiny, black, leather shoes with a buckle; and a hooded, red, velvet riding cape. He wields the Briar Rose, and fights mainly with majjyck, but will switch to the Briar Rose if the battle is taking too long. Long ago Red was offered a seat in the Knights of Hell, but refused, later he was offered to be made a Prince of Hell, allowing him to take the throne if the current King of Hell died, again he refused, and simply went on causing his own chaos.

Sargon, Lord of the Dead
Male, Lung Dragon, Lich
A necromage, Dracoliche, and former Chief Advisor to Gilgamesh, Sargon at some point in time, and for reasons unknown, left Gilgamesh and his ragtag group of exiles in a second self exile, to a secluded and active volcano in the middle of a vast desert, in a similar manner to his father many decade before. Weilds tome and staff

Fjellet Hjerte:

Gilead, King of Dwarves
Male Bjarg Dwarf


Anesideimous 'The Reaper'
Male, Ruug Human, Revenant
He believes humans to be the dominant species of Xerakhan viewing them as better than other species, but does not view other species poorly; he is often stern and serious, but has a lighter side that he shows the public; he does not tolerate threats of any kind to himself, his family, or his people, and will often personally eradicate anyone or anything that expresses threatening behavior to any of the aforementioned. Anesideimous has greyed, weathered skin giving him a corpse-like appearance; long, straight hair gone white with age; dull, dead, sunken, grey eyes; a thin, gaunt, almost skeletal frame; and a tall, lean build. He wears Justice for public interaction and Vengeance for war, in either case he wears a bandana of matching color over his left eye. Wields Oblivion. Anesideimous will often move an fight slowly as an intimidation technique, he will do short bursts of incredible speed to show that he can move fast, but typically fights much slower, to show that he doesn't need to, that he will stalk his prey to the corners of the world, chase them at a pace as slow and steady as the inevitability of death itself straight into the mouth of hell. Anesideimous is the Emperor of Gorin, he is oft considered the first emperor, but this is only technically true, his patriarchal line ruled the kingdom for centuries before him, but at the time it was king and kingdom, not emperor and empire.

Domonic 'Mustang' Jamison
Male, Evaar Human, Haemophagia
The Nightmare Brigade is a special operations unit of the Gorin Empirical Military, and the Gorin Royal Guard, lead by Domonic, they specialize in storming fortresses and suppressing resistance factions. Wields dual 'Mustang' riot control shotguns. Wears bio-enhancment leg braces.

Greyhawk Society:

Torian 'Greyhawk' Genegala
Male, Ruug Human
Founder of the Greyhawk Society, Torian turned to thievery to support his family, but when the local government struck back by targeting his family, his ambition was fueled by outrage and mourning, so he expanded, plundering carriages and caravans of the rich and the empowered to supply those who truly needed it, you could call him a real life robin hood, but no one would know what you're talking about. Wields Japanese style, one-handed swords and handguns.

Holy Order of Paladins Eternal:

Andre Dimentias
Male, Mirsh Human
High Ranking Member of the Holy Order of Paladins Eternal.

Jonathan 'The Jackal' Kingston Locke
Male, Giant Titan
The Jackal is a total Boss and the Founder of the Holy Order of Paladins Eternal. He has a firm belief that cardboard boxes can solve all the worlds problems, an irrational fear of vampires, and all around hatred of the undead. He has light, olive skin; dark brown hair, kept in a short mullet; a bright, light blue, left eye, his right was plucked out by Aoioni Manjukiri; a broad build, but of average height for a giant; and a strong physique, when armor clad and standing still he is often mistaken for a monument. Wields the Inquisition, which he swings in wide, sweeping arcs, leveling forests and armies alike.

Huihuang Wu:

Gavin Tyndari
'Male', Skina Algean
One of the two kings of Dioscuri, alongside his twin brother Merlo. Wields dual refined pyrite-lunum alloy sickles

Merlo Tyndari
'Male', Skina Algean
One of the two kings of Dioscuri, alongside his twin brother Gavin. Wields dual refined pyrite-lunum alloy hammers


Akaran Wyverplex
Male, Evaar Human, Camazotz Demon
Akaran has medium length, shaggy, black hair; pale, white skin tanned from his life in the desert, with a scruffy face; dark brown eyes; a slender, but firm build; and a thin, but toned physique. Wields a heavy kusari with a five section staff on one end and a cannon ball on the other. fighting style. King of Jigoku, Knight of Pentacles, Lord of Damnation. Bears a striking resemblance to Adrian Rackham, in both appearance and personality. Along with Alistair, he was at the epicenter of the madness waves when Acyura died, because he was the one who killed the Madgod.

Grendall The Mad, Knight of Swords, Lord of Sacrifice
Male, Bjarg Dwarf, Onryu Demon, Cadere Vitis Syndrome IV
Once a Dwarven King, Grendall went mad with power and was eventually executed, it was only after his death the source of his madness was revealed, he had been poisoned with Yersin Hyphae and elixir of Cadere Vitis. After his death he was reborn as a Knight of Hell, and is responsible for the events of Silent Night. He is known to wield a variety of different swords, often more than two at a time, most of which are made of pyrite, lunum, ottine and alloys of the three.

Jevani, Knight of Scales, Lord of Decay
Kinzhal Nil D'jara, Jikininki demon
Referred to jokingly as the 'Lord of Flies'. Wields Twin Encircling Moons.

Raven Cromwell
Female, Morphoplasm, Haemophagic
A grunt in the army of hell.

Legion of the Red Altar:

Alistair Craing
Male, Jabbawock, Morphoplasm, Tanuki Kemonomimi, Giant Titan, Esper Nephilim, Wraith Nephilim, Keishan Nephilim, Shinigami Nephilim, Mujin Nephilim, Shallow Nephilim, Revenant, Haemophagia, Necrophagia, Lycanthropy, Tactus Illustris, Tactus Tenebris, Tactus Phrenesis, F.E.S.
Alistair is a 19 year old survivor of the 'Silent Night' massacre. By occupation he is not only an assassin, but the undisputed King of Assassins. Alistair perfected chaos majjyck and is the leader of several specialist subfactions under the Legion of the Red Altar. Because of his madness he acts very childish, and in some cases, erratic and hostile. He is the older brother and moral counterpart of Arquimedies Craing, and uncle of Makosa Craing.

Merchants Of Death:

Keishiro Maeda
Brekka Hobbit, Manusya Samsara
Keishiro is a Merchant of Death who appears randomly to give out items (majjyck or otherwise) to those who catch him, may also give out cursed items, or attack players, has been known to deal to both sides of a battle and to challenge both sides of a battle. Weilds a ??? Shillelagh. Wears a MOD robe modified into a classy steampunk suit

Kentaka Uesugi
Male, Usagi Kemonomimi, Manusya Samsara
Kentaka is a Merchant of Death who appears randomly to hide items (majjyckal or otherwise) for players to find, may also give out cursed items, or attack players, has been known to deal to both sides of a battle and to challenge both sides of a battle. Wields maroon and rust colored pom-poms. wears a MOD robe modified into a midriff and a miniskirt cheerleading outfit.

Female, Amphineurocanth Leviathan, Deva Samsara
Ktallejja is the High Priestess Merchants of Death. She appears to be very young, though rumor has it that she may be older than Emperor Anesideimous himself. Her skin is naturally a camouflage pattern in maroon and rust, matching the M.O.D. robes, and she has a six arms. Wields an eight section staff, with each section made of a different purified resonant metal (Lunum, Pyrite, Terrera, Solara, Vintin, Ahuafide, Cosmite, Glitz. In that order). Dresses in the standard M.O.D. robes.

Mitsuri Ishida
Ying Harpie, Preta Samsara
Mitsuri is a Merchant of Death who appears randomly to give items (majjyckal or otherwise) to the most injured players, may give out cursed items, or attack players, has been known to deal to both sides of a battle and to challenge both sides of a battle. Wields a scepter. Wears a MOD robe modified to have a tutu

Nobuhime Oda
Female, Kinzhal Nil D'Jara, Camazotz Demon
Nobuhime is a Merchant of Death who appears randomly to attack players, may also give out items (majjyckal, cursed or otherwise) to players she believes will cause the most destruction, has been known to deal to both sides of a battle and to challenge both sides of a battle. Wields dual refined lunum clawed gauntlets. Wears a MOD robe modified to show a little more skin.

Male, Mirsh Human, Salamander Dragon, Wyrm Dragon
Ragnorak is a Merchant of Death who appears randomly to burn the fuck out of everything, may also give out items (majjyckal, cursed or otherwise), or attack players, has been known to deal to both sides of a battle and to challenge both sides of a battle. Ragnorak is a Man... I mean he's a Dragon-Man... or maybe he's just a Dragon. He wears a Pyrite-Terrena dragon-skull shaped helmet, a Pyrite-Terrena plate, held in place over his heart by a Pure Pyrite Dragonhide strap, and a fur kilt. He wields the Torch of Jigoku. He fights mainly with fire majjyck, occasionally channeling his fire majjyck through the Torch of Jigoku.

Ranmiko Mori
Eyrr Gnome, Deva Samsara
Ranmiko is a Merchant of Death who appears randomly to heal players, may put players to sleep, may also give out items (majjyckal, cursed or otherwise), or attack players, has been known to deal to both sides of a battle and to challenge both sides of a battle. Wields a staff.

Shintoki Takeda
Qianshao Grigori, Asura Samsara
Shintoki is a Merchant of Death who appears randomly to give items (majjyckal or otherwise) to players, may also change character alliances (often by enslaving two characters to each other, pitting them against the world), give out cursed items, or attack players, has been known to deal to both sides of a battle and to challenge both sides of a battle. Wields Twitterpation. Wears a MOD robe modified into a sashed mini-toga.

Tadabara Honda
Ebony Elaficentaur, Gargoyle Demon
Tadabara is a Merchant of Death who appears randomly to attack players who are misbehaving, give them cursed items, or capture them and drag them off the field, may also give out items (majjyck, cursed or otherwise), has been known to deal to both sides of a battle and to challenge both sides of a battle. Wields Lock, Shock and Barrel, wears a MOD Robe lined in black fur.

Tadachara Honda
Albino Elaficentaur, Tiryagioni Samsara
Tadachara is a Merchant of Death who appears randomly to give out items (majjyckal or otherwise) to players who are well behaved, may also leave items (majjyck, cursed, or otherwise) under various trees, give out cursed items, or attack players, has been known to deal to both sides of a battle and to challenge both sides of a battle. Wields Snap, Crackle and Pop. wears a MOD robe lined with whit fur.

Male, Evaar Human, Giant Titan
Unternehmer is a Merchant of Death who appears randomly to find some unfortunate n00b and pile drive them into dust. Occasionally he will buy, sell, or give items (cursed, majjyckal, or otherwise) to players; and has been known to sell to both sides of a battle, as well as attacking both sides of a battle. He wears a wrestling singlet in the standard M.O.D. colors.

Yoshihiito Shimazu
Male, Cjoss Cucurbita, Naraka Samsara, Onryu Demon
Yoshihiito is a Merchant of Death who appears randomly to give out items (majjyckal or otherwise) to players with the best costumes, may also give out cursed items, or attack players, has been known to deal to both sides of a battle and to challenge both sides of a battle. Wields a refined pyrite scythe. wears a MOD robe modified to act as a straight jacket


Refined Terrena, Alpha, Nihlus, Clockwork, Promethean
Prometheus is the central server for all Prometheans, as well as the first created, it created all other Prometheans, and when a Prometheans body is destroyed, its program is uploaded to Prometheus who decides whether to redownload the Program into a new body, store the program for future use, quarantine the program, or destroy the program, most Prometheans view Prometheus as their god, and rightly so, but he is neither a truly benevolent nor a truly malevolent god as much as he is a just god, like all other programs Prometheus is capable of uploading or downloading to other bodies, though he only does this in times of great need. Wields dual digitech, chain-bladed, great fans that when idle appear as two large wings on it's back, each fan resembles meshing six-toothed gears. Prometheus' true body is a giant bronze 'moon' orbiting around Xerakhans equator, which separates Xerakhan's light side (Gorin, Donji Tai, Quan Tang, Hu Huang Wu, Xiao Qiu, Xiaji Kaihua, Jigoku, and Elysium) from the dark side. From his true body, which orbits Xerakhan, he can fire a concentrated, datastream laser, known as the 'Will of Prometheus' it has a destructive force devastating enough to blow a hole straight to the planet core, but if refracted through a special lens, it can be used to restore lost prometheans to the network.

Quan Tang:

Akaoni Senjukiri
Male, Malacastrocanth
Akaoni is the first mate of Aoioni Manjukiri, and on occasion captains the flagship when Aoni has delicate business elsewhere. Wields an anchor on a length of chain.

Aoioni Manjukiri
Male, Deep Sea Medusocanth
Aoioni is the Pirate King of Quan Tang, his flagship is the Yaoyorozu Tamashii. He fights unarmed.

Rift Revengence:

Male, Giant Titan, Uruk Orc, Cadere Vitis Syndrome IV
As a youngling in an orcish stronghold, Juggernaught was cherished for his strength and ferocity, as he grew so did his thirst for blood, eventually he became the chieftain of the stronghold but this was short lived, as the island he called home was swallowed up by the ocean when the Brae Rift oppened, Juggernaught saw this as a fortuitous opportunity to conquer, not only this world but the world beyond the rift as well. He then formed the Rift Revengeace as his army to batter down the reigning governments and founded the city of Decimal in the mountains between Gorin and Xiaji Kaihua. appearance. Has pure ottine prosthesis, consisting of his left arm from the shoulder, his right arm from just below the shoulder, his left leg from the knee down, his right leg from mid thigh, the back of his skull, his left eye, his bottom jaw, the entirety of his back, and half of his front. Wields a back mounted Canon, an arm mounted chain gun and a double sided great axe (his back mounted canon loaded with a canon ball on a chain which is used to retract the canon ball).

Viva Vitis:

Derrick Grossmann
Male, Elderkin Skinwalker, Liche
A so-called freedom fighter, Derrick blames the Gorin Empire for the loss of his family and is attempting to raise an army of like minded individuals with the goal of tearing down the Gorin Empire, this group is known as Viva Vitis. wields eight razorwhips

Xiaji Kaihua:

Xiao Qiu:

Wushi-Wuji Jitotomitomi-itomanshishikibarakatakenjiwu 'The Woodland Wizard'
Male, Kijiru Kodiak

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